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Yapalong 4000 full duplex radio twin pack

Yapalong 4000 full duplex radio twin pack

Ref: YAP4000

The Yapalong 4000 full-duplex radio system offers totally hands-free communication between a group of up to eight users over a short-ish distance (max around 300 metres line-of-sight).

It is ideal for specific situations such as for sports referees to communicate with line and other officials, and for crane and machine operators and their colleagues.

They offer "full duplex" speech - like on a telephone, not like a standard walkie-talkie where only one person can speak at a time.

They also are totally "hands-free" - ideal for users who need both hands to operate a machine or a vehicle.

Price: 460.00 (552.00 Including VAT at 20%)